22" ACS Beauty Dish EH, silver

22" ACS Beauty Dish EH, silver

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22" ACS Beauty Dish EH, silver
The 22" (Ø 56 cm) Beauty Dish in silver with a multifunctional border. The 22" Ø 56cm Honeycomb can be clipsed inside easily.


The metal body is designed to accommodate a large honeycomb with a diameter of 22‘‘/ 56 cm. This makes targeted light possible and increases the
possible applications. The metal honeycomb clicks into the edge of the reflector and is held in place by two metal clips for simple handling and effective performance

The deflector can be replaced by a 7“ metal honeycomb. The Beauty Dish generates round, natural eye reflexes, ideal for portraits, weddings, beauty, fashion, nursery and school photography.
Robust enough for outdoor use. The ideal keylight when combined with reflecting screens. Lightweight aluminium construction with low weight and low area to be caught
by the wind. None of the assembly work required for softboxes.
Accessories can be changed without tools in seconds.Transportable with all the bits and bobs in a sturdy transport bag


Additional Information

Art.-No. 8608
Diameter (cm) 56
Depth (cm) 15
Inner Coating silver
Compatible Expert D, Integra Plus, Integra Mini, Speed Max, EH (Pro) Mini, EH Pro, C-Light 1000, C-Light D, Expert/Integra Pro (Plus), eFlash
Recomended accessories