Flash Box

Flash Box

Flash Box

The Flash Box is ideal for all kinds of tasks in the field of table top and stills, thanks to its compact dimensions.



The Flash Box consists of a solid metal housing with perspex pane and bright modeling light. Because of very even distribution light on the whole surface of these boxes, it is perfect for the illumination of glossy surfaces. The compact dimensions and the evenly distributed light make them also ideal for table top and object shots, as well as reproductions. The box comes with a bracket and a 5 m cable.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 5718
Max. Energy max. 3000 Ws
Model Light 3 lamps à 40 W
Switch for model light Yes
Connector round or long plug (on order)
Cooling Fan No
Multivoltage (110-240 V) N/A
Weight (incl. 5m cable) 5,2 kg
Size (L x H x W) 50 x 30 x 16,5 cm