Porty L 1200 Kit

Porty L 1200 Kit

Porty L 1200 Kit

The perfect battery powered generator for people, fashion and sports photography "on location"! With sufficiant energy for fast flash sequences and enough power to master jobs in direct sunlight. Extra affordable package deal. 



This kit includes:
1x Porty L 1200 battery flash generator (code no. 4962)
1x EH Pro Mini 1200 P flash head incl. protection glass (code no. 3604)
1x Quick charger for Porty L (code no. 5672)
1x 7“ reflector (code no. 504)
1x Aluminium stand III (code no. 200)
1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitte (code no. 3950)

Cable set


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Art.-No. 7024962
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