STH-Background System for 3.55 m paper

STH-Background System for 3.55 m paper

STH-Background System for 3.55 m paper
A manual system with 3 steel shafts 50 mm diameter, plastic
chains, brake, chain protector, and triple wall/ceiling hook.


The Hensel STH background system can be either mounted on the wall or ceiling. An alternative would be to mount the system on stands with wheels (code no. 463). The system's primary elements are the triple ceiling or wall hooks, the 50 mm diameter steel shafts with easy exchange mechanism and the required plastic chains. Metal chains are optional. Each shaft can be adjusted individually for the amount of tension on the pull. The system has been designed for possible expansion and becomes electric simply by adding motors which can be slid into the shafts and screwed on tightly. These shafts can then be controlled either by a switch box and cable or with an infrared remote. The motorized system has an adjustable cut out for an end stop. All brands of background paper - with or without cardboard core - in the width of max. 3,55 m can be mounted onto these background shafts. 


Additional Information

Art.-No. 4610
Length Spindle 3,6 m
Gear manual
No. of Spindles 3
Height wall-mount
Spindle Brake Yes
Chain Hoist (metal) Yes
Chain Protection Yes

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