Cito 500

Cito 500

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Cito 500

The world's fastest compact flash - up to 1/100,000 s flash duration and up to 40 flashes per second!
The uncompromising tool for outstanding photos.

Including freemask function - learn more about freemask HERE.

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This flash helps you take fascinating images that stand out from the crowd. In normal mode, continuously.

The highlights:

•  Ultra-short flash duration times from 1/2,000-1/100,000 sec. for “freezing” fastest movements

•  Extremely fast flash sequences from 0.5-0.025 sec., corresponding to 2-40 flashes / sec. for dynamic series

•  Wide setting range covering 9 f-stops (500-2 Ws) and thus a multitude of creative options

•   High-quality materials and first-class workmanship

•  Integrated radio sync and remote control for convenient work

•  Integrated freemask receiver for uncomplicated cut-outs

•  Hensel EH quick change connector with a comprehensive selection of lightformers

•  Direct display of flash sequence or duration times

•  Optimum cooling and safety features for trouble-free continuous use

•  Bright 300 W halogen modeling light for directly checking light effects

•  Developed and manufactured in Germany


Additional Information

Art.-No. 3060
Energy (Ws) 500
f-stop (1m, ISO 100, 1/60 s, 12" reflector) f 90 2/10
Model Light 300 W/G 6,35
Shortest flash duration 1/100,000 s (t 0.5)
Longest Flash Duration 1/2,000 s (t 0.5)
Shortest flash duration at 2 Ws
Recycle Time (min. power) 0,025 s
Recycle Time (max. power) 0.5 s
Power Range 9 f-stops 1/10 steps
Model Light Mode on / off / full / prop
Mains Voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz
Synchronisation 6,3mm plug/Photo Cell/Radio
Remote Control Radio Remote
Freemask integrated Yes
Ready Signal acoustical/optical/Flash Check
Glass Cover (Dome) clear
Flash Tube 9450420
Weight 6.2 kg (incl. bracket)
Measurements (L x W x H) 43.0 cm x 21.5 cm x 18.3 cm (without bracket)
Recomended accessories