Nova D 2400

Nova D 2400

Nova D 2400

Short flash duration, fast recycling, excellent comfort, easy handling and last but not least small size and low weight characterize these power packs.

Incl. freemask function (optional transmitter needed) and WiFi Remote control via app:

The Hensel Remote App is available as a download for free on the following platforms:

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Innovative technologies and first-class components guarantee optimal performance. Despite their small size and low weight all Nova packs are made for heavy-duty use.

In combination with EH Mini i flash heads a direct digital communication between head and generator controls the status of both units and further improves reliability.

A wide power range over 8 f-stops in 1/10 increments, asymmetric power distribution and radio remote plus radio sync incl. freemask for fast cut-outs prove that Nova D’s are first class power packs.
Easy to use, round flash sockets build a bridge to the Porty system.

Incl. WiFi Remote control via app.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 3624SW
Energy (Ws) 2400
f-stop (1m, ISO 100, 1/60 s, 12" reflector) f 180
Model Light (per head) 650 W (300 W @ 120V)
Shortest flash duration 1/3,200 s (t 0.5) with EH Mini i Speed Head
Longest Flash Duration 1/1,500 s (t 0.5) with EH Mini i Speed Head
Shortest flash duration at 600 Ws
Recycle Time (min. power) 0,25 s
Recycle Time (max. power) 1.1 s
Power Range 8 f-stops 1/10 steps
Model Light Mode on / off / full / prop
Mains Voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz
Synchronisation 6,3mm plug/Photo Cell/Radio
Remote Control yes
Freemask integrated Yes
Ready Signal acoustical/optical/Flash Check
Power Distribution asymmetrical
Connecting Plug round
Head Sockets 2x Round Plug
Weight 7,8 kg
Measurements (L x W x H) L 26 x B 19,5 c H 28,3 cm
Recomended accessories