Integra Plus Kit 2000

Integra Plus Kit 2000

Integra Plus Kit 2000

Two powerful Integra Plus compact flashes and the most essential asessories. Perfect, if flight output is most important. 

Including freemask function - learn more about freemask HERE.



This kit includes:
2x Integra 1000 Plus compact flash unit incl. protection glass (code no. 8816FM)
1x Umbrella flood reflector (code no. 87)
1x Master umbrella white 80 cm (code no. 98)
1x 7“ reflector (code no. 504)
1x Softbag VII De Luxe (code no. 4201)
1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter (code no. 3950)
1x Mains cable set

The Integra Plus monolights include freemask  receivers. Learn more about freemask HERE.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 50500
Recomended accessories