Light Shapers

Soft, directed, occasional, scattered, reflected, colored and streaked light is always a combination of flash head reflector and light shapers. As varied as the applications, so extensive the offer. Hensel's wide assortment of light shaping tools allows you to create excately the look you like.

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  1. Hensel Schirm-Floodreflektor (Reflektor/Dish)

    Used with umbrellas (except for Softstar), it reduces undesirable straylight and ensures optimum light conditions. Learn More
  2. 7" Reflector

    So called "standard reflector" with a wide light spread and even illumination. Small and handy, easy to transport. Learn More
  3. 9"-Reflektor S, silver

    Wide light spread and high efficiency. Optimal to illuminate large subjects and backgrounds. Learn More
  4. 9" Reflector S, white

    Softer and more even illumination than 9" S, silver reflector. Learn More
  5. 9"-Reflector L

    Deep reflector with narrow light spread and high efficiency. Learn More
  6. 9" Reflector Kit

    This set includes three different 9“ reflectors (S, M and L) Reflector dimensions: Ø 23 cm, length 13/18/23 cm (S/M/L) Inner surface: silver Learn More
  7. 9'' Reflector & Grid Kit

    (consists of code no. 5064 and 5065) This set includes three different 9“ reflectors (S, M and L) and four different compatible round honeycomb grids (no. 1, 2, 3 and 4). Reflector dimensions: Ø 23 cm, length 13/18/23 cm (S/M/L) Inner surface: silver Learn More
  8. 12"-Reflector

    Similar to the 9‘‘ reflectors, but stronger center focus and consequently more light fall-off towards the edges. Learn More
  9. 14"-Reflector

    An extremely light-efficient reflector. Its particularly narrow angle makes it the ideal tool for long-distance lighting. Whether you are shooting fashion at the beach with a tele photo lens or stucco details on a high ceiling, the 14‘‘ reflector makes the most of the available flash power. Also perfect as "bounce light". Learn More
  10. Accent Tube

    Inner surface: black
    integrated micro honeycomb grid, silver

    Learn More
  11. Snoot Attachment

    Narrow light spread to create light accents or background effects. Less efficient than grids, but a smoother light distribution. Learn More
  12. 22" ACW Beauty Dish EH, white

    A 'must-have' among the light shaping tools - the natural and striking light modifier for portrait, people, fashion and beauty photography. Optional accessories like front and inner honeycomb grids as well as changeable deflectors allow for further control of the light characteristics.

    Learn More
  13. Beauty Dish Kit

    Consists of:

    • 1x ACS Beauty Dish EH (8607)
    • 1x 22" Grid No. 3 (870)
    • 1x Softbag for Beauty Dish (9900)
    Learn More
  14. 22" ACS Beauty Dish EH, silver

    The 22" (Ø 56 cm) Beauty Dish in silver with a multifunctional border. The 22" Ø 56cm Honeycomb can be clipsed inside easily. Learn More
  15. 22" ACW Beauty Dish for ringflash

    Another unique light shaping tool from Hensel: A special Beauty Dish for the ringflash! Perfect direct light for demanding people and fashion photographers. Learn More

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