Light Shapers

Soft, directed, occasional, scattered, reflected, colored and streaked light is always a combination of flash head reflector and light shapers. As varied as the applications, so extensive the offer. Hensel's wide assortment of light shaping tools allows you to create excately the look you like.

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  1. 22" ACW Beauty Dish EH, white

    A 'must-have' among the light shaping tools - the natural and striking light modifier for portrait, people, fashion and beauty photography. Optional accessories like front and inner honeycomb grids as well as changeable deflectors allow for further control of the light characteristics.

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  2. Beauty Dish Kit

    Consists of:

    • 1x ACS Beauty Dish EH (8607)
    • 1x 22" Grid No. 3 (870)
    • 1x Softbag for Beauty Dish (9900)
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  3. Standard Reflector RF, white

    A must-have for the ringflash - softens harsh shadows and creates a direct but beautiful light. Easy to mount, without the need to remove the ringflash from the camera. Learn More
  4. 22" ACW Beauty Dish for ringflash

    Another unique light shaping tool from Hensel: A special Beauty Dish for the ringflash! Perfect direct light for demanding people and fashion photographers. Learn More
  5. Octa Sun Haze RF 90 for ringflash

    A unique & useful accessory: Lightweight 90cm octabox for the Hensel ringflash. Creates a flexible, mobile soft light source that is mounted directly on your camera. Learn More
  6. Economy-Schirm

    Small and lightweight allround umbrella. Learn More
  7. Hensel Softstar

    Dieser clevere Lichtformer ist Schirm und Softbox zugleich, was ihn zum unkomplizierten Allround-Begleiter auf jedem Shoot macht.

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  8. Master L

    Allround umbrella suited to many applications. Learn More
  9. Master PXL weiß

    Large parabolic umbrella that allows fine light adjustments. Learn More

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