Umbrella & Floodreflector

Hensel Schirm-Floodreflektor (Reflektor/Dish)

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  • Hensel Schirm-Floodreflektor (Reflektor/Dish)
Umbrella & Floodreflector
Used with umbrellas (except for Softstar), it reduces undesirable straylight and
ensures optimum light conditions.


This reflector provides a very wide-angle and evenly distributed light. You can use it without umbrellas too; it is equally suited for direct (hard) light or indirect lighting over walls and ceilings. Perfect for even illumination of large backgrounds.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 87
Diameter (cm) 13
Depth (cm) 6,5 cm
Inner Coating silver
Compatible Expert D, Integra Plus, Integra Mini, Speed Max, EH (Pro) Mini, EH Pro, C-Light 1000, C-Light D, Expert/Integra Pro (Plus), eFlash, Contra