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Often, it’s the little things that turn out to be more handy and helpful than expected. The real value of a sandbag becomes noticeable quite late, for example when something falls over at an outdoor photo shoot after a gust of wind hits the equipment. Can be filled with up to 6 kg weight.


Large softboxes and umbrellas are often more susceptible to wind impact than anticipated, and stands tip over much easier than thought. In such cases, a sandbag often turns out to be the ‘knight in shining armor’. The new Hensel sandbag can be folded to a smaller size for easier transport and storage. Once on location, both side pockets can be either filled with sand, gravel or metal pellets (max. 6 kg) thus allowing optimal weight adjustment. The bags have double Velcro closures. This way, you can work with finely grained filling material without it leaking out accidentally. Mounting is really simple. The sandbag can be placed either directly on a stand, attached with the snap-spring, or attached to the massive metal eyelet. Everything is possible. The filled bag can also easily be transported thanks to its sturdy handle. In short: Sandbags are must-have pieces of equipment for any professional photographer.

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