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Copy One - Repro Flash Head

Copy One is the perfect light source for first-class reproductions. The Copy One Repro Flash System offers substantial advantages regarding usage and image quality when compared with traditional continuous light sources.

It is also available as a repro kit with two flash heads plus lamp arms and clamps (code no. 9009800) - for more informatio please visit the Repro Kit product page.



We’ve partnered with the experts at Kaiser Fototechnik to jointly develop a special lamp head that is part of the proven Kaiser repro system and can be used with almost any of the current and many of the older Hensel flash generators.

When compared with traditional continuous light sources the Copy One Repro Flash Head offers substantial advantages regarding usage and image quality:

  • No loss of resolution due to camera vibrations (shutter movement & mirror bounce)

  • Wide range of light intensity without change in color temperature

  • The effects of interfering light sources on image results are eliminated, e.g. daylight and ceiling lights, due to short sync times

  • No fuzziness or blurs due to set-up vibrations or the movement of originals thanks to short flash duration times

  • No need for long exposures and/or high light sensitivity - thus no picture noise

  • Continuous spectrum and thus authentic color rendering

  • Reserve capacities for reproductions with light reducing specialty filters like IR exposures and polarized light

  • Reduced thermal impact on originals due to minimal IR and UV emission

  • Integrated LED light for professional video recordings and as modeling light

CLICK HERE for detailed information about the color quality and safety of the Copy One. (PDF, 1,2 MB)

The new Copy One flash head is based on the proven Kaiser lamp head with 21 x 64cm (8.27 x 25.2”) light surface. Besides the special, linear flash tube, the Copy One is equipped with high-quality daylight balanced LEDs that function as a proportional modeling light. They can also be used as a recording light for videos. Using a sturdy clamp mechanism, the lamp arm can be mounted to most Kaiser repro stands and many basic boards with a thickness of up to 55 mm (2.17”). It also has a wide pivoting range. 

The Copy One flash head is equipped with a 5m (16’ 4”) lamp cable including a round plug and can be used with all current Hensel Porty L and Nova D flash generators. Thanks to an optional adapter, it can also be connected to Hensel generators with 24-pole long pin which allows compatibility with any older Hensel generators. An integrated thermal protection switch prevents thermal overload.

Beside its main application area in repro photography, the Copy One can also be used as a convenient universal light source in portrait photography, product photography and for lighting backgrounds. The lamp arm can be removed and the 3/8” thread inside the lamp bracket makes mounting on standard light stands easy.

Metal barn doors with integrated clips for filter gels are available as optional accessory
The Copy One flash head is also available as part of a repro kit with two Copy One's and two lamp arms.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 9800
max. Power 1200 Ws
Connecting Plug round
Continuous light power Max. 21 W LED (≈ 200 W Halogen)
Model Light max. 21 W LED
Power Range 8 f-stops 1/10 steps
Flash Duration Times 1/4.500 s - 1/1.000 s (depending on generator & flash power)
Color temperature 5400 K
Fidelity Index Rf 98 - 97
Gamut Index Rg 100
CIE Ra 98 - 96
Glass Cover (Dome) front diffusor
Light output area 21,0 x 63,5 cm
Compatibility Hensel Nova D & Porty L Generators
Length Lamp Cable 5 m
Mains Voltage 120V/60Hz & 230V/50Hz
Weight 4,5 kg (incl. cable and lamp bracket)
Measurements (L x W x H) 64,5 x 22,0 x 10,5 cm (flash head only)
Recomended accessories