Ceiling System

Double-E and Economy rails are only available in black anodized!

Ceiling systems make studio work easier: Those systems allow to use monolights, generators and heads without disturbing lightstands and cables on the floor. Hensel offers two flexible, stable and safe ceiling systems to suit all demands and applications: “Economy” for more price-oriented customers and “Double E” for even the most discerning customers and tasks. All systems are of highest quality and configurable to your specific needs.

Please contact our local distributor for further information.


Ceiling Systems


Product highlights:

  • - On-site planning and installation handled by qualified personnel
  • - Personal contribution at assembly possible on request
  • - Long life-time and highest quality, components are made in Germany
  • - Decade-long experience concerning planning and installation
  • - Nearly all system parts are metal-made
  • - Decade-long compatibility of all components
  • - Carriages use metal ball-bearings with external plastic flanges
  • - Adjustable brakes on carriages
  • - Huge width of gantries possible
  • - Double and/or oblique gantries practicable
  • - Optional conductor rails
  • - Double-guided carriages
  • - Motorized panthographs available
  • - Easy to use & dependable system

For more information about our ceiling systems, including attractively-priced kits, please check our
catalogue (PDF, 2,8 MB) or get in contact with your local distributor.

See the installation of a Hensel Economy system in the time lapse video on our YouTube channel:

Hensel Economy Ceiling Track System