Integra 500 Plus

Integra 500 Plus

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  • Hensel Integra 500 Plus
  • Hensel Integra 500 Plus
  • Hensel Integra 500 Plus
  • Hensel Integra 500 Plus
Integra 500 Plus

Optimal workmanship, easy handling as well as an exemplary performance - the Integra Plus monolights are reliable tools for a vast range of applications. A large selection of accessories gives access to a wide range of task. Integra Plus are the renowned "workhorses" for a lot of photographers worldwide. 

Incl. freemask - learn more about it HERE.



  • Short flash duration down to 1/1,400 s and fast flash sequences from 0.5 s
  • Adjustable 6 f-stop power range in 1/10 f-stops
  • Bright 300W model light & active cooling
  • Built-in Strobe Wizard Plus radio receiver with freemask**
  • Bi-voltage (110 V and 230 V)
  • Glass cover included
  • Off-grid operation in combination with Power Max L (optional accessory)
  • freemask function - cut-out masks in perfect quality while shooting
  • Stable metal housing
* In the US, also available as 'Integra 500' without built-in radio receivers.

 **Optional freemask transmitter needed.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 8815FM
Energy (Ws) 500
f-stop (1m, ISO 100, 1/60 s, 12" reflector) f 64 8/10
Model Light 300 W/G 6,35
Shortest flash duration 1/1,400 s (t 0.5)
Longest Flash Duration 1/700 s (t 0.5)
Shortest flash duration at 500 Ws
Recycle Time (min. power) 0,5 s
Recycle Time (max. power) 1.9 s
Power Range 6 f-stops 1/10 steps
Model Light Mode on / off / full / prop
Mains Voltage 120V/60Hz & 230V/50Hz
Synchronisation 6,3mm plug/Photo Cell/Radio
Remote Control yes
Freemask integrated Yes
Ready Signal acoustical/optical/Flash Check
Glass Cover (Dome) clear
Flash Tube 9450401
Weight 2,87 kg
Measurements (L x W x H) L 33 x B 15 x H 23 cm
Recomended accessories

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