Strobe Master Exposure Meter

Strobe Master Exposure Meter

Strobe Master Exposure Meter

The communicative exposure meter from Hensel is not only the perfect tool for light metering, but also for radio remote synchronisation and operation! 



The Strobe Master is the ideal tool for quickly and safely determining the best exposure for a picture and in determining light contrast when using several light sources simultaneously. Only an independently used separate exposure meter delivers advantages of measuring light and, in most cases, results in perfect exposures. An exposure meter is also a fantastic instrument for professional positioning of light sources. A display showing the amount of continuous light at the time of measurement simplifies the use of flash units even outside the studio.

The additional highlight of the Strobe Master: it allows for convenient wireless synchronization and remote control of Hensel flash units, thanks to its built-in Strobe Wizard Plus transmitter! Wireless flash unit output control after measurement, is an extremely unique feature in an exposure meter, but one that makes work for you much easier. And even better, the modeling light can also be controlled directly with the exposure meter.

The Strobe Master was developed by the renowned company Gossen, in cooperation with Hensel.


Additional Information

Art.-No. 22131913
Measurement (L x W x H) 1,9 x 6,5 x 15 cm
Radio Sync/Remote Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus, 3 Channels + 1 "All"-Channel, freemask, plus four additional groups
Remote Functions Flash Sync, Flash Power, Model Light (on/prop/off)
Measuring Methods Direct, Incident, Contrast, Flash (Cord / Noncord / Strobe Wizard Plus), Ratio continious light/flash, Memory
Measuring Cell Si Diode
Exposure Times 1/8.000 s to 60 minutes
Flash Sync-Times 1/1.000 s to 1 s plus 1/90s
f-stops f 1to f 90 9 /10 in 1/10 steps, Measuring Range Flash: f 1 to f 90
ISO Range ISO 3,2 / 6° to 8000 / 40°
fps 8 fps to 64 fps, incl. 25 fps & 30 fps
Scope of Delivery 1x Strobe Master incl. battery (Type AA), 1x bag, 1x lanyard, 1x manual
Weight 125 g (incl. battery)